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Samco Machinery lives by customer care philosphy

By Jim Austin, Targeted Content Inc., for Samco Machinery

TORONTO, January 19, 2016 – The LAST thing you ever want to take for granted is a customer. In the interest of keeping customers updated, in the loop and satisfied, Samco Machinery has developed a system of customer touch points that begin with first contact and extend well past the delivery of equipment.

“At some companies, it’s a lot of talk, but developing a relationship, a partnership with every customer is the most important thing we do,” says Bob Repovs, CEO at Samco Machinery in Toronto. “We want to ensure each customer knows what’s going on at all times. We want questions, we insist on feedback. Customer care is a philosophy, not just words.”

When you’re dealing with customers from all over the world, it’s important to make them feel like they’re a part of the process. “We use every bit of technology available to us to share information with customers,” Repovs says. “We don’t want them wondering, ‘Is my project on time?’ or ‘Are they even working on my project?’ We make sure they’re kept up to date on the progress of their project, every step of the way. It’s important for the customer to be engaged in the process.”

This enables Samco Machinery to continue as the roll forming industry leader in engineering efficiency improvement for customers worldwide.

The “VOC,” or Voice of the Customer, is heard and listened to at Samco Machinery. “Part of being in business is doing a better job today than you did yesterday,” Repovs says. “We’ve always tried to do this, but now it’s become the focus of working with the customer. We’re always asking for feedback and we’re not just asking how much they love us. We always ask, ‘How can we do better?’ That information can help us be better tomorrow.”

Repovs says it costs five times more to sell something to a new customer than it takes to sell something to an existing customer. The relationship is in place, the trust is in place, if you’ve earned it.

The Samco Project Management process includes a total of 13 steps – or touch points – where the current status is reviewed and upcoming steps are explained to the customer. “Some projects take as many as 30 weeks to complete,” Repovs says. “Regular contact helps us keep on track and puts the customer’s mind at ease.”

Every Samco customer receives a “Welcome Package” that outlines their project from beginning to end. When the machine is delivered, set up and running to the customer’s satisfaction, Samco Machinery provides a “Thank You Package.” It contains a framed poster picture of the project. The “Thank You Package” also initiates the second of three online evaluation surveys, providing the customer an opportunity to provide positive feedback as well as opportunities for improvement. Samco has also started a Wall of Fame of its projects in the Toronto office.

Approximately six months after the machine is operating in the field, Samco follows up to see if everything is running the way it should be or if any more training is required. At that time, the third evaluation survey will be included. That relationship building has helped make Samco Machinery the international roll forming manufacturer leader.

Samco Machinery’s recent production included projects with customers from Egypt, Australia and Argentina. Repovs says the philosophy of customer care doesn’t change no matter where the customer is located.

“It’s about touching the customer during the design, during the manufacturing and after they have their roll former in the field for six months. We pride ourselves on becoming more integrated partners with our customers.”

To ensure quality and consistency for its customers, Samco Machinery achieved ISO 9001 certification. “To secure continued certification, we must demonstrate documented and ongoing operating processes that will consistently provide systems that meet customer and market needs,” Repovs says. “The rigorous process of acquiring this certification demonstrates Samco’s commitment to providing our customers with the highest possible quality of solutions, products and services, with results validated by the ISO 9001 registrar.”

Never losing touch with customers helps keep customers satisfied. Samco Machinery continues to build strong relationships with customers in all of the markets it serves.

“Samco Machinery is a partner, says Repovs. “There is a lot of emphasis on the process, from start to finish. We’re more than just a roll forming company.”

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