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About Solar

Quality mounting solutions that help to protect the planet. Samco provides equipment for the fabrication of mounting systems in the solar industry. With the introduction of the Feed In Tariff (FIT) program, many solar power companies are searching for ways to become compliant with emerging regulations. Samco provides solar manufacturers with the rollforming systems they need to produce framing, sub-assemblies, PV mounting systems, ground posts, and more. Shapes available include structural rollform shapes, high volume stamplings, and high volume brackets. Finishes available include heavy gauge pre-galvanized strip, post hot dipped galvanizing, and powdered coating (painted).



Turnkey manufacturing services for custom utility and commercial-scale PV mounting systems include ground-mount fixed and tilt tables, ground-mount trackers, roof-top ballasted high/low profile racking systems, roof-top penetrating mounting systems, and any custom applications.

We support design, standardization of dimension, profiles, prototyping, and apply Copra FEA algorithms to ensure quality and success.

Our other solar product benefits include:

  • Commodity purchasing power.
  • Having one point of contact.
  • Large economy of sale.
  • Just in time installation.
  • Reduction in investment cost.
  • In-house tooling services.
  • Efficient equipment with minimum scrap.
  • Intermodal solutions from coast to coast.
  • Minimization of risk.
  • Optimized packaging.

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