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Metal Deck Solutions

About Metal Deck Rollforming Equipment

Samco Machinery’s high efficiency metal deck rollforming machines produce roof, composite, and floor metal decks.The rollforming line can also be designed to create multiple profiles (metal deck panel, liner panel and roof/wall panel) which are rollformed and stacked in the same operation.

Innovative Metal Deck Solutions

Samco Machinery’s innovative solutions help provide deck manufacturers with the right metal deck solution for all their Metal Deck Rollforming requirements. Whether it is a Bridge Deck Rollforming Line, a Metal Deck, Liner Panel and Roof / Wall Panel Rollforming Line or a Deck and Panel Rollforming Line, Samco Machinery has the right metal rollforming equipment that will exceed your needs.

With these metal rollforming equipment supporting rollforming of various profiles, quick changeovers between different profiles and optional material handling solutions, Samco Machinery’s engineered designs helps manufacturers improve safety and uptimes.

High-efficiency panel line and metal deck rollforming machine

Rafted mills allow the changeover of roll tooling to be quicker, making the changing between products much faster. This design also reduces the production downtime of the line by reducing the set-ups required.

The flying press is designed to work in a continuous operation which increases the final line throughput. The slugless characteristic of this press eliminates the scrap created during operation.

Closed Loop Cut-Off length Control allows the rollformer to achieve up to small tolerances.

The metal rollforming equipment is robustly designed to have a minimum shaft deflection improving the quality of the end product.

View some of Samco Machinery's Deck and Panel Roll forming machines below:

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