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About Uncoilers

Designed with you in mind, Samco manufactures the best of the best in machinery.If you’ve got an in-house roll former or are looking to get a roll former, you’ve got an uncoiler (decoiler), or will have to purchase one. You have probably put a lot of time into researching the purchase of your roll former, making sure it does everything you need it to do. Samco Machinery recommends that same level of evaluation and consideration when purchasing an uncoiler, making sure it does everything you need it to do.

Samco Machinery produce a complete line of uncoilers, uncoiler/coil car combinations, and hold-downs – integral to the uncoiler. Standalone hold-downs and feed-up tables are also available.


Samco builds the uncoiler to handle heavy gauge steel coils, day after day, shift after shift. Our coil-handling equipment reduces coil changeover time, as well as rollformer downtime, so that you can focus on greater productivity.

Samco’s uncoilers are designed to withstand tube mill speeds of up to 1000 fpm, while the standard line speed of the steel stud industry is 600 fpm.


  • Range in sizes from 3,000 lb – 40,000 lb.
  • Single and double ended.
  • 5- headed for multiple coils to rest!
  • 12” traversing base.
  • Hold down arms and snubbers.
  • Feed-up and rewind.
  • Powered hydraulic rotation.
  • Hydraulic expansion.

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