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Copra FEA Software

Samco Machinery engineers use Copra® FEA RF (Finite Element Analysis) to streamline roll tooling designs for complex parts, saving time and money for its clients.

Finite Element Analysis is a program that was created by Data M in Germany.  Samco has been involved with Data M since 1999.  Today we use Copra FEA RF to analyze our roll tooling design and how that will affect the behavior of metal as it passes, ‘virtually’, through a set of rolls.  Our roll tooling designs are tested and analyzed, especially for customized or complex parts, before any metal is used to manufacture those rolls, eliminating any need to re-cut or re-manufacture any tooling.  Edge wave, twist, bow are all addressed through this process to give you a finished profile well within your specified tolerances.

As aforementioned, the benefits of this software are realized when Samco is dealing with complex parts, or when clients require a degree of flexibility to change from one profile to another.

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